We supply to several industries, but especially to the machinery industry, where the products we provide are part of larger and complicated productions in Denmark. The other industries we supply to are within food, electronics, construction, agriculture and packaging. It is important for us to build a strong relationship with our customers, which is based on good communication and trust, as we believe that in this way we can provide the best service.


Below you can read some of our references

“Credible and reliable cooperation is essential. What we agree with the KKP, it holds. And that’s what’s most important to me.” – Purchasing Manager at Producer of automatic transport systems.

“We have been privileged with KKP’s high quality craftsmanship and focus on delivery on time, so we can keep our production flow optimal”. – Thomas Munch Nielsen, Managing Director at Knudsen Køling A/S.


Knudsen Køling – Case

The KKP’s high quality craftsmanship:


“We started working with KKP Adviser & Production to improve our production flow. You could say that it was initially a convenience choice so that we could focus on our core business.

Subsequently, we have been privileged with the high quality of craftsmanship and focus on delivery on time, so we can keep our production flow optimal.

In the same way that Knudsen Køling tries to make the best cooling systems on the market, it is a pleasure to work with a company like KKP that takes results and attention to detail seriously”.


Thomas Munch Nielsen
Managing Director, Knudsen Køling