KKP Adviser & Produktion facilitates metal production in the Czech Republic. We support Danish and Northern European midsize companies produce metal parts and products to order – efficiently and with reduced costs.

KKP’s strength is our organisation and close collaboration with more than 10 proven, high-quality, metal producers in the Czech Republic.

We help your company:

  • Increase capacity
  • Reduce costs
  • Obtain transparent product costs

Increase capacity
KKP increases your production capacity and flexibility. For many of our clients this is more suitable than investing in new facilities and in-house production.

Reduce costs
Quality from KKP reduces costs. The Czech Republic has strong industrial skills, and together with Germany forms the core of European steel industry.

Obtain transparent product costs
With KKP, your company will have full transparency into its product costs. This frees up resources allowing your company to prioritise its focus on sales.