We are here to advise and materialise concrete projects for our clients. We help with complex metal productions that may benefit from outsourcing, especially in cases where the product is transformed through a series of value adding processes such as sheet metal work, welding, surface treatment and assembly. With more than 10 established suppliers we possess all relevant metal manufacturing capabilities and competencies.



We weld steel and aluminium using the methods MIG/MAG and WIG. Moreover, we make bolt-, condenser-, and point-welding, and soldering. For larger productions, we set up welding fixture to ensure a quicker process and uniform quality. We also use welding robots.



Stainless steel welding

Stainless steel is welded by our skilled and certified personnel. We work according to the industry standards, and welding of stainless steel takes place in separate areas arranged for that purpose only. We use mostly TIG, and we are able to weld with other well-known methods as well.




We produce castings for subsequent processing in casting GG20, steel castings GGG40, aluminium and bronze alloys. Furthermore we produce wax casting for stainless steel.



Turning and milling

We make turning and milling of all relevant metals. We manage milling tasks up to 1500*600mm and turn parts of up to Ø 600mm. We employ the latest CNC technologies for milling and turning with rotating tools.



Sheet metal work

We possess the newest technologies within laser cutting and punching press. Laser cutting of plates is done with precision down to 0.1mm in sizes up to 6200*2050mm. The thickness of steel and stainless steel can be up to 25mm and in aluminium up to 15mm. Laser cutting is available in brass and copper.




We perform bending of sheet metal parts in CNC press with pressure up to 230 tons. We bend in lengths up to 3000mm in 10mm thickness, and we use modern technologies with an angle search system that ensures high precision. For larger productions, we use bending fixture and 3D graphics in complex tasks.




We often perform assembling in cases where the product is transformed through a series of value adding processes. We gather and assemble various productions parts and provide the appropriate packaging.



Surface treatment

We carry out appropriate surface treatment for many products, possessing several methods such as: electroplating, varnishing, powder coating, wet paint, nickel plating, chrome plating, anodizing, galvanizing, pickling, grinding, polishing, electro polishing and tumbling.




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